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Search Engine Marketing from Different Height

SEO. PPC, social, analytics and more. Our integrative approach is to assist you to find the sweet spot.


SEO Game is changing


Google pays a lot effort to deliver the most relevant results to end users, valuate quality content and penalise those who cheat.

Search engine optimisation is more than technical projects.  With the ever-changing ranking algorithm, the success of SEO projects rely on a team effort to build keyword-rich content to engage people in social media.   Creative and marketing team require more involvement than before to ensure the SEO delivery.

With NMC Interactive, you will be always staying in front of your competitors and earn the edge through our service. 

Mobile Search becomes a key part of search strategy

In 2016-17, search industry has been buzzing around and bringing in the the biggest impact would be mobile search. Google search result now values mobile experience and introduce the mobile-first index.

Mobile first strategy is responding to the fast adoption of mobile device by modern society.  Information exchanges swifter due to the popularity of mobile device usage. Across our client profile, 90% of them has already shown this fact, which is aligned with Google's stat.   58% of search engine query was delivered through mobile device.