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Free Adwords Audit Report


Free Adwords Audit Report


emmarvel offers free AdWords Audit NOW! PPC Audit is important because it allows you to diagnose your AdWords account and discover the area to improve the performance.

Technology: Adcore, the intelligent Adwords tools provider

Feature Detail:

  1. Ad doctor:  audit the best practice technique usage and performance
  2. Keyword doctor:  audit the bidding, keyword performance or identify any potential issues.
  3. Quality Score: audit CTR, relevance score and other factors that affecting your Adwords account performance.
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Terms and Conditions:

  1. An Adwords Manager request will send to your Adwords account.  You need to accept the request in order to receive the product
  2. NMC Interactive do not alter or change any information in any form.
  3. By accepting this product, you agree all the terms and condition.